Powerful, social mobile giving.

The place where charities and places of worship empower donors with social mobile giving, real-time updates, and mission-driven relationships.

Instant donations, no processing fees when using Nickel Balance.

Connect directly with potential and existing donors.

Making sure every organization gets the visibility they deserve.

You have poured your heart and soul into making a positive impact. Nickel is committed to making sure organizations like yours are visible to a new generation of donors. 

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Quickly create a 501(c)3 profile account.

Receive a Nickel 501(c)3 Deposit Account.

Create a social profile for donors and businesses to connect with you.

Receive donations instantly with no processing fees if donor Nickel Balance is used.

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Connect with new and existing donors.

Nickel Give is a special place for donors and nonprofits to meet and build relationships based on a common purpose.

Enable for your donors individual and peer-fundraising capabilities.

Lessen the burden of recurring donation requests by leveraging the Nickel Give social platform.

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Empower your fundraising with social mobile giving and donor rewards.

Social mobile giving allows for convenient, transparent, and group-based charitable donations. 

Watch as the social power of Nickel Give inspires action to create positive change.

Send customized reward packages to donors who hit important milestones.

Reward packages dramatically boost relationship morale and encourage recurring charitable giving.

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Continuously engage with donors and get donations instantly.

Accept one-time donations, donations originating from the point-of-sale, and recurring automated donations.

Communicate with your supporters via the Nickel Give social feeds to keep everyone up to date and inspired.

Connect with new and existing donors using direct to donor message communication. 

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Mobile banking redesigned with the nonprofits in mind.

Close the gap with young donors.

Millennial and Gen Z donors have both the highest barrier to entry into routine charitable giving and also the highest lifetime charitable giving potential. To break down these barriers Nickel Give centralizes personal finance and provides modern, convenient, and social charitable giving tools for all. Build relationships and analyze your organization's progress.

Social mobile giving.

Centralized, convenient charitable giving is the name of the game. Connect with new and existing donors in a non-invasive dedicated space. Leverage the power of cooperation between those who are focused on similar missions and benefit from enhanced social visibility.

501c3's and local businesses unite.

We believe that creating positive change starts within our communities. Nickel helps 501(c)3 organizations and businesses team up. Businesses can reward their customers with Charity Coin which can be used to encourage purchases and be used to donate to a cause they care about. Nonprofits can tap into corporate giving ecosystems and networks easier than ever before. 

Bank-level security and transparency.

To ensure that Nickel's banking infrastructure is secure, all institutional services will be provided by Evolve Bank & Trust. All Personally Identifiable Information is encrypted end-to-end and all electronically transmitted information such as transaction details are obfuscated and tokenized. Nickel does not share any sensitive or personalized information with third parties without the explicit consent of the individual and/or organization.