Purpose-driven payments

Turn every transaction into action

Nickel Member accounts.

Gain access to comprehensive mobile banking, contactless payments, donations, and consumer rewards in one app.

All Nickel Members receive a personal FDIC Insured Nickel Deposit Account which can be used with the Nickel Smart eWallet.

No processing or penalty fees when using your Nickel Balance.

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Mobile banking at its best.

Link external accounts and manage your financial life in one place. View categorized spending and receiving's, create budgets, and take control of your finances.

Send, receive money, and split bills with friends and family instantly. Nickel automated payment groups help bring transparency and organization to peer payments.

Authorize every transaction. This means no surprise statements or overdraft charges.

Free mobile check and direct deposits.

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Powerful, social, mobile giving.

Use your power for good! Unite to help nonprofits create positive change in communities across the U.S. 

Leverage the power of social giving by creating or joining peer-fundraising groups.

Centralize and manage your charitable giving in one place.

Have confidence knowing that your donations will go directly to the charity you choose. 

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The best rewards for all.

Support your favorite businesses and earn high-percentage cash back on purchases.

Earn cash-equivalent donation credits after purchases that you can send to charities that you care about most.

Manage and keep track of your rewards and donations in one place.

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A modern way to pay with benefits. 

Humane finance.

So much of our lives revolve around our finances. This has been taken advantage of and the human element overlooked. We believe that it's time to return power to the individual. We believe that technology should complement the human experience and that finance is not exempt from being redesigned with this in mind. 

Reshaping payments.

Nickel reshapes what it means to transact by designing payments that benefit everyone. By replacing indifference with compassion and complexity with clarity, we find unique opportunities to help consumers, nonprofits, and our local businesses.

Trust and connection.

Your privacy, financial security, and individual wellbeing are the center of our focus and we know that earning your trust is no small task. That's why Nickel is designed to produce experiences that build trust. Banking Services provided by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC.

Global enrichment.

As technology advances, opportunities for improvement surface. Unification and interoperability in financial technology create opportunities to enrich the individual, our communities, and beyond. We're doing our part by identifying the missing puzzle pieces and we hope that you will join us by adding yours.